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“THOMPSON ORGAN SALES” is a division of “ORGAN & KEYBOARD SERVICE CORP”. This new division was created by the owner, Mr. Brian Thompson, to engage in the activity of selling new organ products to both its existing Western Canadian service customer base, and also to seek out new customers who may have an interest in the exciting new organ products that are available today. The mission of Thompson Organ Sales is; “to provide new organ solutions to our customers”.

Brian Thompson testing a Three manual Rodgers organ

Mr. Thompson is an experienced electronic organ and keyboard service technician who after graduating from a two year coarse in Electronics Engineering Technology at S.T.I. in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, got a job in the music industry as an organ repair technician. This was back in 1984, and was at a music store in Regina, Sask. called “One Stop Organ Shop”. He has continue this type of work, moved to Calgary, Alberta, and has continued to be actively engaged under the name of “Organ & Keyboard Service Corp.”, for over three decades, in the provinces of Manitoba, British Columbia, Alberta & Saskatchewan. He is primarily involved in maintaining, repairing, restoring, tuning, upgrading and installing, electronic organs.

During this time there has been a few people help out with the running of the service company “OKSC”. For a number of years Brian’s father, Garry, was employed and traveled with him on his service trips, until recently when he retired.  Brian’s wife Robi, has managed the office for many years, and is a familiar voice on the telephone to many customers. His son Alec has assisted in many pickup & deliveries, helped out with installs & in the shop, and is the officially designated, instrument tester. Over the years there has also been other individuals, mostly that have helped out in the shop, as assistant technicians or in the office as well.

A decision was made many years ago, ” keep the attention and energy focused primarily on electronic organs, and, do this as best as it can be done”. To this end, considerable effort has been put into, gaining the knowledge, the experience, and the specialized training needed to do organ servicing well. In addition OKSC has built up, a sizeable inventory of parts, technical manuals & documentation, and a wide variety of tools and equipment, to help us carry out this task more efficiently.

Over the years we have helped many people, made many friends and learned a lot about what it takes to make organists happy. We have established a reputation as being “the go-to guys when it comes to organs”.  Our motto is; “Organs are what we do”.

When the decision was made to create a new division and get into selling organs, this same approach was taken. We constructed an addition to our current repair facility, and added a custom built, dedicated new organ showroom. It was specially designed to create a private & professional set up, that is spacious & warm, and is acoustically vibrant. We feel it is the idea environment to play and hear the new instruments. It has been specially designed to simulate the dimensions and acoustic environment of an average church, with two specially built external speaker chambers so we can demonstrate the various external multiple speaker/amplifier combinations often used in church organ installations.

There is now a selection of new organ products there, that you can touch, inspect, sit down and play, and listen to. We chose product lines that have these qualities “Superior Sound” “Reliability” “Ease of Use” “Useful Features” & “Value”. The products we carry are the best in the industry.

Our experience in the music, and in the organ industry, and our commitment and dedication to organs, makes us the an ideal choice for customers who are considering improving their lives by purchasing a new organ. We covet the opportunity to serve you, and may have just the right solution to your musical needs.

Many of the customers we’ve encountered over the years during our servicing activities, have no idea about just how good the new organs sound, and how useful the features on them are. My goal is “to spread the word, and let as many people know as I can, about how enriched their lives would be”, with these new instruments, both used personally in their homes, and also in a worship service or performance environment.

Brian Thompson
Organ & Keyboard Service Corp.
Thompson Organ Sales