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Amplifiers/Speakers – sound reinforcement for organs

At Thompson Organ Sales, we sell specially designed and self contained amplification/speaker systems that work well with our new Roland Atelier and Classic series organs. Almost all of our organs have built in speakers, however in many situations a greater sound projection ability is required.  All these Roland organs have stereo line outs that can be run into a stage mixer or house PA system, in some situations that may be adequate.

There is some situations where having your own dedicated amplifier/speaker system is preferable. We sold a Roland Classic C200 organ to a church in Summerland, while Demo-ing the instrument in their sanctuary, we tried both running the C200 organ through their PA system and also through the CM220 speakers that I brought, the many members who were there, all felt that the C200 sounded significantly better when run through the Roland CM220 system. Church PA systems are installed and designed to specifically enhance the voice, and therefore instruments are a second consideration.

Some customers prefer to have the direct control and peace of mind, theres something about having of their own dedicated self contained rig. Knowing what to expect when its showtime.

Some places don’t have a house system to plug into.

The Amplifier/Speaker systems we recommend, are specially designed to be used with our instruments, they do an amazing job of properly projecting the sound out.