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Organ Rentals

Posted on 1:03 am

Organ Rentals

We are equipped to deliver and setup the instrument. We can assist the organist in familiarizing themselves with the instrument. Set the sound and balance of the instrument for that room or environment, and we can pick the organ up when the event is finished.

We have provided rental organs for uses like concerts, recording sessions, weddings, university convocation ceremonies, temple dedications, and pipe organ restoration projects. We get calls about  many situations where a temporary instrument may be required.

We have a private showroom with different instruments set up, that can be booked for orientation and practice, and for stop registration building sessions.

In addition to the Two and Three manual full organs that we have often have available, we also have a couple of very impressive portable organ instruments, that can be used where the situation is best suited to that type of instrument. The portable products we offer, can all have a few different sizes of Bass pedal units attached. To provide the proper full organ experience.

We can provide proper external sound reinforcement equipment to go with our organs, such as dedicated amplifiers and speakers, to make sure the organ set-up provided, meets the acoustical needs of the event.

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Thompson Organ Sales rents an organ to St. Ambrose University for their graduation convocation ceremony