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Organ Service & Repair

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Organ Service & Repair

 We specialize in the repair of almost all makes of electronic organs, keyboards, & digital pianos. The repairs can be done both in our shop, and also on site. We quite regularly travel through-out the Western provinces of  Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, and occasionally do travel to the territories. As  many instruments we are called on to service, are just too big to be feasibly transported to our shop, or are permanently hardwired into the building.  We have found that many of our customers, do not want to move their instruments, and prefer to have us come on site and do the repairs right there. We attempt to do this, if at all possible, however, it takes a far greater level of expertise, and much more organization, to be able to provide this type of on-site service.

The Organ & Keyboard Service Corp. service center

We get requests to work on many different types of new and old organs. They range from  older tube organs built in the 50’s or 60’s, to the newest modern digital computerized models. We are one of the very few centres in Western Canada, that is properly skilled to do component level repairs on many of these instruments.

We do full repairs, maintenance, cleaning, tuning, upgrades and modifications, and complete restorations. We have gained a reputation of doing very high quality work, and also of standing behind the work we do.

We are authorized to can carry out warranty repairs on many makes of instruments.

The Organ & Keyboard Service Corp. parts warehouse

We have an extensive library of the different (organ/digital piano/keyboard) manufacturers’ service manuals, with the schematic diagrams, and we also have a very large and well organized inventory of parts in our warehouse.

Our experience repairing organs for individuals in their homes, for many of the dealers and music stores, for the professional muscians and teachers, in churches, funeral homes, schools, concert halls and in recording studios, has given us the knowledge and experience to know which manufacturers and products are the best. We know what instruments effectively suit different situations, and how to properly install and use these instruments.

When you purchase a new organ for your home or for your church, you’ll want to deal with the experts. Thompson Organ Sales is a highly qualified organization that can provide long term professional and expert service and support. We have been in the organ service business for three decades. We have just made a significant investment, we built a brand new custom designed organ showroom, and plan to be around for many years to come.

We look forward to meeting you, and will do our best to help you out.

Brian Thompson   (owner)(Organ & Keyboard Service Corp.)