Authorized Dealer for Allen organs in Western Canada

Organ Practice/ Training/ Recording Facility/ Small Recitals

Our showroom is equipped with new instruments of varying sizes. These instruments are kept in a state or readiness, and connected to high quality professionally installed audio in custom built speaker chambers. The room was designed to be acoustically lively and vibrant. It is also private and offers and un-interupted experience. (many music stores that also sell organs, are busy places ie;lessons, street traffic, other instrument sales,etc.)

It certain situations this facility can be made available as a private practice room, as has been the case where we have been involved with event rentals. We make our room available so the organists can get familiar with the instrument and have ample time to set up their preset voice registrations.

For a small private performance or recital this room would do quite well. We have some parking, washroom facilities, chairs, coat racks, etc.

We have hosted training seminars, which are made available to organists who want to learn more about organ playing techniques.

Our set up also offers a fairly good environment for recording organ performances.