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Organ External Sound Consultation Services

Who installed the organ in your church? Was this person really qualified to do it properly? What training do they have?

Its not that difficult to put an organ in a church sanctuary and have it sound good, however its a bit harder to do it in such a way that it both looks really good and also functions really well with your musical worship program.

When a instrument like an electronic organ is used in a larger room like a church sanctuary, it is often necessary to add external amplifiers and speakers to get the proper amount of sound out of the instrument. Some larger sanctuaries seat upwards of a thousand people, the average one seats a couple hundred. If you attempt to use an organ with just its own console speakers in a room that size, you’ll find its not very functional, all the sound is around the organ and doesn’t reach to far side of the room very well.

Usually multiple dedicated external organ speakers are added, and positioned somewhere higher up a wall, so the organs sound can spread around the room more evenly. A properly installed organ, distributes the sound as evenly as possible throughout the room, gives the organist and the choir the proper amount of sound, doesn’t create the wrong type of jumbled/reflected/time-delayed sound, and gives the intended listener the congregation, the illusion that a real pipe organ is right there in the room. A well installed organ uses dedicated organ speakers, that are projecting multiple independent audio channels, to reproduce the spatial effect a real pipe organ has.

Every Sanctuary is different though,and it is also a place of worship, of physical beauty, with many activities, room dimensions and access/egress points. These features all need to be respected, you can’t just stick a bunch of speakers any place you want, you can’t hang speaker cords and wires across any wall you feel like, without affecting the meaning and use of the space.

The installation of organs in larger public spaces is an art and a skill. In my thirty years servicing organs, I have seen many installations that could have been done better. I have serviced thousands of different organs in thousands of different churches. Many of the customers I get to meet, will express to us that the organ is not sounding as good as they would like it to. They often comment that it is not functional with what they are trying to do in their current music worship services. The Choir may be getting blasted out of their seats, the sound may be loud in one part of the room and barely audible in another part, or the organist may not be able to hear themselves play, the sound may be jumbled up, we hear a lot about many issues.

We have found that sometimes this situation can be improved. Sometimes there is a better way to have the organs external amplification and speakers system installed, so that the organ projects better in the room.  Whether the organ was not installed in as good a way as it could have been originally, or maybe things have changed at the church that have made it so the original install no longer meets the musical worship needs, in either case, sometimes we can make recommendations and improvements to the current organ system.

OKSC has performed this service many times in the years it has been in business. Many happy customers have appreciated our help. We would always be happy to sell our customers a new organ, especially with so many that have really old electronic organs they are still using. However, we strive to meet your needs, as best as we can, in some cases that may be by re-doing the audio installation on your current organ.

If you are not happy with the way your organ sounds, then you may want to consider getting in touch with us.